As the Android based models slowly & steadily arise in the market, it is indeed an interesting aspect to look at the various applications that they provide to a native user. There are a plethora of applications that are available in the android market which range from different categories, to different top charting apps & various staff picks to applications available for tablets.

As, we glimpse Android getting a hefty stranglehold in the market there are certain reasons that are responsible for this consistent ascension. Seeing that new applications get developed by superabundance of developers, & so we are treated to varied apps & games from one category to the other. Hence, to all appearances Android is a behemothic database or a repository of games as well as other soft wares. It is a notable aspect that there is overabundance of free apps available along with other apparent paid applications which acts as contributors to the market earning with the ads that are put in their particularized app after presenting a paid application.

Download Android Apps

There includes a trick that is caught sight of as the downloading of the paid android apps is concerned. This process is a cakewalk opportunity to grab the paid app version’s Android application package file usually noted widely as APK. Though we don’t recommend you to kick start this piracy, the aforementioned process is for informational purposes. Alongside piracy these apps can also act as a risk to the device as the uploaded file might include virus or Trojans which can have a hazardous effect on the handset.

The following are the steps that need to be undertaken in order to download paid apps for free

  • The particular app that you need to download; its name is discovered initially & noted down. Find this specific appropriate name from the Android Market.
  •  Now, next go to Google & open the search tab to search the respective app for its APK accomplishment.
  • Type in the search bar android app name mediafire or android app name apktop for the desired APK of that peculiar app.
Get paid Android Apps for FREE
  • At this moment, one has to click on the link which is presented upon & wait for the file to be loaded.
  • In a moment, a download button arises within a sec & the respective file download will begin.

How the App has to be installed on the Handset(Mobile phone)

  1. After this file is downloaded, one has to transfer this particular file onto the respective device.
  2. Infer the location of the file using File manager or ES File Explorer(if that’s installed)
  3. Straightaway the accurate file is chosen. Now Open it, the installation will begin.
  4. Once instantly this application gets installed. Go to the specific icon of the application after one exits & goes to the menu button after installation.


It is to be noted that most of the newer apps cannot be downloaded by this process. It is important to support the developers and the platform by downloading only from the Android Market. Here-with in this tutorial, we don’t recommend you to download the paid apps this way; only present an option to try paid apps before buying them.

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