The User Interface on any device is an integral aspect towards improving the outlook or the appearance of the screen. Traditionally Lumia’s display features a heavy range of colors, but sometimes an individual wouldn’t like the visual display on the handset. In such cases, the user possesses the option to tweak the color profile or the screen color on Lumia devices.

It is a point to be noted that you need to have your device updated to GDR2 and Amber. If you want to update your device, you will need to navigate to Settings and select phone update from the options. After your device gets updated GDR2, and then you will have to check for Lumia Amber update. The updates have been available in most of the countries.

To check whether your device has been updated to the Amber release or not, you will have to go to Settings and choose extras + info. At that point of time, if you find that the software release is Lumia Amber, you can proceed ahead to the instructions cited below. It is also important to note that the device should be updated to the touch + display module. This is generally separate from the GDR2 and Amber updates which will need to be installed from the Store.
Windows Phone 8


  1. To begin with, you will have to select settings from the displayable live tiles or the particular app list.
  2. Once the settings list can be seen, then you can scroll below and select the display + touch option. Usually the latest updated option appears at the end of the list. Otherwise the position of this option depends on the update time.
  3. If at all the display + touch section stays up-to-date, then viewable is the Lumia color profile section at the end of the list. You simply have to tap on adjust for proceeding ahead.Lumia Color Profile
  4. The noticeable color profile feature provides the option to tweak the color saturation along with the color temperature of the screen. You will need to move the slider to the point that you want to.Color Profile
  5. The preview pictures provision out utilities for viewing the respective changes as a user repeatedly tweaks the settings.
  6. You will need to ensure that that you preview these changes with as many preview pictures as you can. This is because individually they may represent the strengths and weaknesses of the seen adjusted color settings.
  7. You will need to press the back button for saving the changes after you get the right result. Thereafter, go back to the previous settings page.

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