Last week, we saw the first leaked images of HTC One’s successor which is internally codenamed HTC M8. Now popular news leaker, @evleaks has tweeted some further news about the HTC M8.

According to @evleaks, HTC M8 will have a 5″ display and will run on the Snapdragon 800 CPU. The clock frequency is not known yet.

Qualcomm are due to release new edition of the Snapdragon 800 clocked at 2.5GHz so we might see this CPU on the HTC M8. At this point of time, every thing is just speculation as HTC M8 is due to release at the end of Q1 2014 which is quite far.

HTC M8 has an upgraded CPU from the HTC One, which had a Snapdragon 600 CPU. The screen size is also bigger than the 4.7″ seen in the HTC One.

There are quite a lot of names floating around for the HTC M8 – HTC One 2, HTC Two and HTC One (2014) being some of them.

HTC M8 will be competing with Samsung Galaxy S5 as well as Sony’s flagship. It will be interesting to see which device comes on top.

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