According to various reports, several tidings have surfaced up providing information about the emergence of a stock Android HTC One version. These lowdowns were released as soon as Hugo Barra had widely announced the Google Edition of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Initially with the rumors circulating across all corners, it was a quick refusal by HTC on the particularized rumors. But today it was broadcasted live at the D11 conference in Los Angeles that Android boss Sundar Pichai made the “HTC One with Nexus User Experience” real.
HTC One Nexus with Stock Android

It is construed that this is the similar HTC one constitutes the same functionalities as previously known on the hardware side. The inside is regarded to be all stock Android 4.2.2 AOSP. According to various tidings, it is known that the One Google Edition will be sold unlocked from the Play Store. This is in reference with the Galaxy S4 Google Edition. The itemized device will be released and shipped across on the same day as the Galaxy S4 Google Edition, June 26.

The price is estimated to be $599 for the 32GB version. This is understood to be $50 cheaper than the similar Samsung device. Comparing it with the Galaxy S4 Google Edition which comes with 16GB of internal expandable storage, this device is slated to arrive with 32GB along with the possible option of expanding it via microSD.

Along these lines, the HTC One Google Edition will encompass Beats Audio. Likewise, there has been no information presented on the software of the Ultrapixel camera.

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