The plethora of revelations that surface up just keep ascending over the course of time. These disclosures constitute to be the front page itemizations with the set of functionalities that they provide. Along these lines, the HTC one will embody the C Spire’s Smartphone lineup. This information has been revealed through an announcement that was made by the carrier on its respective CIRCLE message one

If you happen to be a C Spire customer then that is where the details about the HTC One coming to your specific network will halt. This is because there is no divulged information on the aspect of a possible release date or a price.

According to various rumors, one of the users from the C Spire board enquired about a release date, however the reply to this was that the particularized details will be first announced in CIRCLE. Hence, in case you happen to be a C Spire customer, then you need to ensure that you stay updated with the message boards. This is because the particular information will be on its way. There was a similar reply dished out when the question of pricing surfaced up.

It is a point to be noted that the color versions have not been disclosed officially. But the specific device is available in two color versions at this juncture of time. These include the Stealth Black and Glacial White; however rumors highlight the arrival of red and blue options shortly.

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