September 29 is fast becoming a very busy day for Android manufacturers. With Google set to launch 2 Nexus devices, HTC are also planning to launch couple of their own. Those will be Butterfly 3 and One M9+.

Butterfly 3 will be exclusively launched for the Chinese market. It will be high end device featuring 5.1-inch QHD display, Snapdragon 810, 20MP camera and 3GB of RAM.

HTC will also launch updated version of One M9+ though not sure what will be its official name. It will have a QHD display along with fingerprint scanner. This device will be available for the Asian market.

It does not make much sense to upgrade a flagship just a few months after it was launched but HTC have still gone ahead with the decision.

HTC have neither confirmed nor denied these rumours. But with sales of HTC dwindling year by year, these two devices hold too much importance for the future of HTC.

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