Huawei isn’t usually associated with great innovations or particular world breaking records. However, the newly released version of their software for Android promises to provide a notable change from the usual. This development is a proper amalgamation of sensible features and unique design. Previously this was unveiled last July and it is widely regarded as Emotion UI. Also, it is understood to be simpler to use and easier to modify than stock Android. Thus such an implementation makes it a win-win situation for both parties.huawei-emotion-ui-

The video preview highlights this functionality properly in detail. The main principles that the Huawei’s latest Emotion UI is focussed on is Customizability and simplicity. This has been brought out to the users with the facilitation of a much improved home screen. The dubbed UniHome helps in combining the settings and app drawer for quick access to application shortcuts and toggles. Additionally the users are benefitted with a link to online database of themes downloadable from Huawei’s servers.

Apart from these notable aspects, the users are benefitted by the availability of some other new applications. These include the third-party dialer includes gesture control, Power Manager intelligently minimizes battery drain, Security Manager removes malware and optimizes apps, and Cloud+ provides synced storage for data.

This development was a much needed change from the older version. The manifestation of this update helps in providing the company to reside competitively along with other rivals like Samsung and Sony, who have managed to manifest this type of functionality in their older and newer devices. In-depth details and specific information about Huawei’s latest version of Android skin will be available soon. Stay tuned for further updates.

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