If the iPhone user finds the volume of the iPhone too low, then there is a very useful Cydia tweak which can boost the volume up to 200%. The name of this tweak is Volume Amplifier.


Ever since the iOS 6 has been jailbreaked, various tweaks have been released every day on the Cydia community. And Volume Amplifier is one such tweak. The speaker of iPhone 5 is fairly capable but if the user wants to increase the sound further then don’t look beyond Volume Amplifier.

Volume Amplifier works by directly manipulating the speaker audio stream, which results in a significant amplification of sound. It differs from previous attempts at volume boosting tweaks, in that it manipulates the audio stream, instead of trying to alter specific configuration files.

Once you install Volume Amplifier, you won’t notice any new settings or options on your Home screen or in the Settings app. The only difference that you’ll notice from a visual perspective is that a new Volume Amplifier overlay appears when adjusting your volume for the first time while on the phone call. Click the “+” button to increase the volume. Once the volume is full, keep pressing the “+” button until a amplifier bar is seen.

Volume Amplifier has been tested by many users and it indeed works. It does not give the BoomSound that is found in the HTC One, but it gives a fairly noticeable increase in the sound. It can be used in the noisy places where the user cannot hear any sound on the phone call.

Volume Amplifier works in both normal handset mode, with headphones, or in speaker phone mode. All three modes work exactly the same, and all three receive a definite boost in speaker volume.

Volume Amplifier should be used extremely carefully. Increasing the volume too much can lead to distortions. Also note that using Volume Amplifier for prolonged periods might lead to damaged earpieces.

Volume Amplifier is available on Cydia’s BigBoss repository for $1.99.

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