Internet Explorer has been criticized as not an optimal web browser for several years. It’s like Microsoft’s retarded child that they cannot put to rest. They continue to include newer versions os IE in their OS. So does win 8 have the latest IE 11 packaged with it. Hence all surface users are currently stuck with IE, as you cannot install off market apps and there is currently no other browser available on Windows Store.

So all surface users unfortunately have to make peace with IE. Here are a few ways to make that experience more bearable.

  1. Disable automatic configuration: Go under Internet Options>Connections>LAN Settings and disable all options under the Automatioc Configuration.
  2. Set Homepage to about:blank: Set your home page by  navigating to Internet Options>General>Homepage and set it to about:blank. This makes the launch of IE much faster.
  3. Increase Cache Size:  Internet Options > General > Settings > Set space to use to 250 Mb. This allows IE to store cached copies of websites for faster access.
  4. Disable all Accelerators: Go to Tools>Manage Add-Ons>Accelerators Disable all accelerators.
  5. Disable unnecessary Toolbar and Extentions: Go to Tools>Manage Add-Ons>Toolbar and Extentions and disable all unnecessary extensions. Keep only the one’s you require.

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