Performance is of the most major aspects one considers while buying a new smartphone. Everyone wants to squeeze out every bit of juice that can be extracted from their device. Android’s rooting has made it possible to achieve the same. Rooting helps you to push your device to it’s hardware limit! To obtain the maximum available performance that your hardware can support, by diminishing any software lags. When all software overheads are removed, the device can give you true maximum performance. Many MODs are available that help you in increasing the performance of your device, like V6 Supercharger, Thunderbolt, Swapit RAM expander, etc.

Here is another addition to the list that can help you to maximize the throughput for your device. It is called as seeder. Seeder is developed by lambgx02 at XDA Developers. This performance MOD is in form of an app.

How it works?

On some (older) versions of Android, the JVM (and other components) often read random data from the blocking /dev/random device. On newer builds, this problem has been solved, yet depletion of the input entropy pool still seems to slow devices. For this mod to work you only have to install the provided apk and then activate it. The RNG service will keep running in background. Since the RNG service is a native Linux service it won’t be visible on the Android interface.


  • Rooted device.
  • Seeder apk file.
  • Enable Unknown sources (Settings>>Security>>Unknown Sources)


  1. Download and place the provided apk file on SD card.
  2. Navigate to the apk using any file manager.
  3. Install the apk file.
  4. Now launch the seeder app.
  5. Select the “enable RNG seeding service” toggle switch 
  6. Select the “start automatically on boot” option.Seeder 1.4
  7. Now you can close the app UI and the RNG service will keep running in background while providing boost to your device’s speed.

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