Instagram started the trend of old–looking retro styled pictures. Many apps are available in the market that provide post processing of pictures; However, post-processing of images doesn’t produce superior effects as compared to pre-processing.

There aren’t many apps with give the facility of pre processing of images. Retro Camera is one of the few available which provide you this service. Retro camera is basically a camera app that provides you with several simulation models of older cameras of the retro age. This app produces some very cool old school pictures. Even the most mundane objects look really cool with this app!

To top it all, this app is available Free on the Google Play store. Another Ad free version is also available at a cost of $2.99.

There are 5 different camera effects available in this app. Each is a simulation of an actual existing camera from the retro age. They are listed as follows:

The Bärbl (Leipzig 1951)

The Barbl sample picture

The Little Orange Box (USSR 1976)

The Little Orange Box sample picture

Xolaroid 2000 (San Francisco 1972)

Xolaroid 2000 sample picture

Pinhole camera (during 1990’s)

The pinhole camera sample picture

The FudgeCan (Quebuec 1961)

The FudgeCan sample picture

Hipsteroku (Japan)

Hipsteroku sample picture

If you are a photography enthusiast then you should definitely try out this App. With loads of cameras to try out and the option to click HD pics even in the free version, the developers have really proven a point that free apps can be just as good as paid ones!

I would give this App a rating of 4 on a scale of 5!

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