Many music recognition apps like Soundhound and Shazam are available in market. These apps do a very fair job in recognizing songs. But both these apps have a major fall back which is the time required to recognize music. Both these apps have been in competition for quite a long time. But here Google’s brainchild, Google Ears, to kill the competition and arise as the clear winner. Google ears in the new ┬ámusic recognition app included in Android Jelly Bean 4.2. The app lacks a GUI, but compensates for it with its surreal accuracy and instant recognition. It is a “widget-only” app. That means there is no actual GUI to it but it does what it says, it recognizes music and it does it really good.

Google Ears

Google Ears is available to all ICS users. IT is very easy to install it and even easier to use it.


  • Installer script
  • Enable USB debugging in “Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging”
  • Android v4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich or above.


  1. extract the installer package on desktop.
  2. Connect the phone to the PC
  3. For Windows run the “RUN-windows.bat” and for Linux/Mac run the “
  4. wait for the process to get over.
  5. Now disconnect the phone and reboot it.
  6. Once reboot it over long press the screen to add widgets.
  7. You will find a new widget available called the “Sound Search“, add it to the home screen.
  8. Now Whenever you wish to use the app just press the widget and in no time the app will recognize the artist and the song.

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