The PACman ROM builds are being updated with the latest versions of the constituent ROMs: Paranoid Android 3.99, CyanogenMod 10.2 and Android Open Kang Project-MR2. Thus, the PACman is filled with the features of all these ROMs which is a great advantage to its users. Users can enjoy the deft multitasking abilities of the Paranoid Android, the high performance offered by the CyanogenMod and the efficiency of the Android Open Kang Project all in one ROM itself.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was launched last year after the huge success of its predecessor, the Galaxy Note. It ran on Android 4.1.1 with a 4.1.2 update made available later. It featured a new revamped S Pen which offered lots of additional functionalities than its predecessor. It has become one of the most widely used phablets leading to the announcement of its successor, The Galaxy Note 3. We have already seen how to install Paranoid Android 3.99 and CyanogenMod 10.2 ROMs on the Note 2. Let’s now proceed in installing the PACman ROM in it.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Disclaimer: Follow the instructions at your own risk. If the device gets damaged, the writer or the owner of the site must not be held responsible.

Pre-requisites and Backing up your Samsung Galaxy Note 2:



  1. Download the latest PACman ROM nightly build and the Gapps zip files and copy them to the SD card of your device.
  2. Turn of your device and boot into recovery mode. You can do this by pressing the volume up + power + home buttons.
  3. Now select “wipe data/factory reset” and then choose “Yes”.
  4. Next select “mounts and storage” and then “format /system” and choose “Yes”.
  5. Now select “install zip from SD card” and then “select zip from SD card” and choose the PACman ROM zip file.
  6. Again select “install zip from SD card” and then “select zip from SD card” and choose the Gapps zip file.
  7. Next select “wipe cache partition” and then choose “Yes”.
  8. Now select “advanced”, then select “wipe dalvik cache” and choose “Yes”.
  9. Finally select “reboot system now”.

That’s it. You have successfully installed PACman ROM on your Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Note: The ROM is a nightly and so may contain some bugs.

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