As the continual trend of new applications surface up, there is a constant urge to download these apps & to try them on the handset. There are a plethora of apps in the market, but still an individual once in a while wants the “.apk file” from an outside source. Thus, in such cases initially the user is not allowed to install this specific file due to the restrictions present on the device. It is a fundamental aspect of the Android OS that it doesn’t allow the installation of applications from unknown sources i.e. most widely known as third party applications.

In such instances the application to be installed might be of significant importance to the user or for the current state of the situation. It is easy understanding the market is the easiest source of downloading apps, considering it’s on the main screen & a variety of apps are dished out for the user’s choices, however sometimes there might be a state when the user wants to install a app which is present outside the market. For example- apps that are modified in some way to avail full function. install-non-market-apps-

Installation of these non-market application involves certain risks as well as much as the advantages provided by the particular applications. However, in the end it’s a call of the individual whether to install the application or not. The process is very simple, but the .apk extension should be downloaded from a trusted site or from a website i.e. not harmful and provides

How to allow the installation of Non-Market Apps

  1. Initially the user must go to the phone’s Settings. Hereafter, select the Applications. Snapshot showing Applications
  2. At this point of time after one opens applications, there are a list of options presented out in an oriented list. Here, the first option is the Unknown Sources option which is present on the top of the screen.
  3. After an individual selects a checkbox on this particular option, the particular user can avail the installation of the non-market apps on their respective handset. Therefore, check “Unknown sources” at this moment.Check the unknown sources option
  4. The procedure is as simple as it looks. In the same fashion, the checkbox can be unchecked & the facility of installation gets non-functional.

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