Slowly and steadily as technology evolves by leaps and bounds, the ease of use which is facilitated for the users keeps on improving with every passing instance. Thus, as we advance forward to better disclosures with respect to time the functionality provided by each revelation just keeps bettering the previous ones that are released.
As Smartphones act as mini computers, the aspect of convenience associated in regard for these devices just keeps improving over the course of time. Thus, having an operational service which aids in transferring links, text, images directly on the specific Smartphone is of major significance as it helps in saving time, energy. The best part of the operation is it works on almost all Smartphones, tablets.

The supported list of devices include Blackberry 6+ devices, Windows Phone 7+ devices, iOS devices, Android devices amongst the supported phones category.

Steps to use Site to Phone:

  1. At the beginning, open Site to Phone homepage. Thereafter, click on the button displayed Sign up. It is done for free.sign-up-for-free
  2. Thereafter, the setup needs to be completed. This is done by the creation of a unique URL for you and then eventually this is opened on the browser. The generated URL is long, complicated. Once, the URL shortening service is setup to simplify the complicated URL, at this instance of time links can be easily pushed onto the device.Setup a phone
  3. Subsequently after a specific link is opened on the handset, the user is directed through a setup wizard. This is dependent on the platform the individual uses on his particular handset. During the time that the browser waits for the completion of the setup, a response from the user is expected whether he/she would like to create an account.iphone_account
  4. You can skip the creation of account step and move to the instructions where you will have to set your browser. After the browser is chosen, the user will have to install an extension or a bookmark the
  5. During the time that the user wants to send these links on the user’s handset, here the individual should click on bookmarking option or use the extension on the user’s browser. The users who have used the extension have the feasibility to send images, text to the respective phone by clicking on context menu.
  6. Once these links, images are sent, hereafter open bookmark that was previously created on the browser. A while later the image or the link is automatically loaded on the individual’s phone.

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