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It’s always fun to listen to radio when on the move. However listening to local radio can get boring as the variety of songs that you hear is quite limited. Moreover you have no control over what type of music they play on FM radio stations. Since everyone has a smartphone these days why not listen to some online radio on them. Online radios have gained much acclaim by desktop users, but not until smartphone became common that online radio has become available on phones.

Here is a list of top 5 online radio apps available on Android and iOS:

Jango radio for iOS

1. Jango 

Jango is a great online radio service with its USP being as completely customizable free online radio. The user has complete control over what kind of music does he/she want to hear. The app allows you to choose your favourite artist to begin with and listen to other bands/artists of the same or related genre. You can even select the amount of variety you want to hear and also skip songs. You can create and save your own custom channels and access them whenever you want. You can make a song play more number of times on a station by clicking on like button where as not play a song ever again by pressing the dislike button. There is also an option of preset stations by genre if you’re to bored to fine tune your own station. This app gives great seamless streaming even on 2G speeds, so you will never experience lag.

For android download here and for iOS download here.


2. PandoraPandora internet radio for android

Pandora has been around the online radio scene for a very long time.  It has gained a lot of popularity among music lovers. It is similar to Jango in terms of it’s functionality. You choose your favourite artist and then the app gives you songs of similar artists/bands. Pandora also displays the lyrics of the song currently playing, which is an added advantage. This app is also free. However a major drawback with this app is that it isn’t available for download in all regions. So not everyone can enjoy it’s services. This is the only thing working against it. Also on slower networks it gives a laggy sound.

For Android downloaded here and for iOS download here.

3. Tune in radioTuneIn pro for iOS

Like other two apps Tune in radio features customization. However the biggest edge that it’s got is having the ability to record live radio. You can rewind, pause, forward songs on live radio. You can search for your favourite station on the entire world. This app also lets you listen to news, TED talks, sports, etc. other than music. So this is an all in one app. You can also set an alarm in this app to wake you up with your favourite radio station. This app comes with both free and pro versions.

The free version for Android can be downloaded from here and for iOS download from here.

The pro version for Android can be downloaded from here and for iOS download from here.

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