With the launch of a new iOS device, every Apple fan or loyal consumer is interested with the hearsays or the tear downs, tidings on the same to get specifications on the particular product. Additionally, there are plethora of pre orders placed, announcements on the products, official launch and other events. Amidst the ongoing eye-openers, there are low downs exemplified by putting these products through drop tests and other specific experiments for the cognizance on the product & as well as to test its durability.

Presented here with is the iPad mini which has been implemented by Android Authority. Executing the drop tests & the dunk tests, they have depicted fulfillment of the purpose posting videos that satisfy the problem statement as taken initially. Also, carried to completion is a comparison between iPad mini and the Nexus tablets and this is achieved by putting the devices through three drops from chest height.

Cracked iPad mini after the tests

The Drop Test results displayed the result that the iPad mini suffering badly staying damage, but faring better on the comparison quotient with Nexus 7. The completion and the execution presented a view that the iPad mini was still functional.

There has been carry through on this route by Square Trade, a warranty company which has performed their own set of these tests juxtaposing iPad mini & the Nexus 7 and the third-generation iPad. There are substantial results that can be arrived at through the completion of these suitable functions. The accomplishments that we arrive to include as described below:

The operation of tests performed with dedicated rig and the other test was to engage in dunk test. The results were calibrated and the comparisons were drawn in the order of the results obtained.

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