After the conclusion of the lackluster announcement of the new generation iPhone, there were loads of hear-says and opinions for and against iPhone 5. Before the launch, we already had seen the consistent suppositions run through our brainy cells over and over again highlighting and describing a plethora of information on the upcoming phone.

Did all those leaks make iPhone 5 a big letdown? Or was it seriously a hyped pronouncement which led its own downfall upon oneself?

iPhone models and prices

The innuendos continued to rip apart with plausible criticism on the device, whereas the Apple fans continued to justify their point of view and the crazy happiness for a upgrading to the next generation iPhone 5.

Rather than going drastically at any decision or conclusion from the above happening events, it is a sensible option to wait for a couple of months to bring down a curtain to the momentous happenings. Deeping on this time period, Apple can really lose their foothold in the upcoming months but there has to be an admit-worthy admiration for their OS updates with the iOS6 update from the Mountain Lion improving stability and performance.

Presenting my disgruntlement, following at the attributes I expected to be cray over the iPhone 5. The non-covering of these aspects puts forth and accelerates a disliking towards the latest innovation by Apple. For some, it’s like no one cares with the device selling like hot cakes while other harp about the hyped phone and comparing with the other available in the market. It’s more like a loyalty to upgrade or keeping up-to-date to the brand’s products rather than thinking about it.

  • No Fingerprint reading.

It’s known that Apple is buying authentic (as it had taken over a company specializing in mobile phone security) So it will take long time to inculcate this into incorporation.

  • No Google Search and Maps in iOS 6.0.

There have been maps devised by Apple, so in short Siri acts a fail.

  • No 5-inch screen

Surely the size grew taller, but that’s not a colossal reason for a iPhone 4/4S user to upgrade to the next gen phone. When we have other powerful, efficient Smartphones like the iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S2 or Samsung Galaxy Note and now the S3; such a small upgrade doesn’t really mean much to boosting the productivity prospects.

  • No NFC in the iPhone 5

The NFC technology aids for the customers in a stupendous way. The users who have NFC phones are helped with the technology to make payment transactions, also additionally interchange digital content and supplementary to the whole connect the devices with just a tap. Buying the phone just for greater width and height as to play videos, movies in a beautiful widespread format is a foolhardy option.

  • No Facial recognition/unlocking

With Google having a patent on that, there was nothing of this sort expected. Nevertheless, worthy of a mention! This can ostentatiously portray real life experiences while performing tasks.

  • No Haptic feedback

With this technology, we can bring touchscreens alive and flat screen can have offer the sensation in various aspects, of various environments.

  • Describing panoramic mode in the feature list

There were a plethora of Apps to execute the feature of Panoramic shooting mode. It being included in the features is a laughable prospect altogether. And panoramic picture capturing is nothing new, introducing that as a feature seems a cruel joke on the users.

  •  No Tethering and restrictions if iPhone is not jail-broken

If we want to use the internet connectivity that we are already paying for on a computer, using a Cydia app (on a jail broken device) can help the iPhone to use data on from the computer freely.

Apple iPhone 5

In the manner that a coin has 2 sides, even this situational proposition has 2 sides to this scenario. Well, we have already seen the aspects and the expectation levels concerning and revolving on the criticism side; Now, at the moment let’s present a glimpse about why the iPhone 5 marks a remarkable development for the organization and the current set of users. Bearing the assessment was done previously, gaze our eyes to another viewpoint:

The LTE connectivity was a better late addition than ever. It integrates both the CDMA and the 4G LTE chip together. The inculcation of the A6 processor chip makes the device faster, quicker and speedy than the previous models.

The lightning quick dock connector also makes its noises for the next-gen phone to be gazed by the admirers.

The headphone jack at the bottom is also considered as an improvement as well as derailment by some of the users.

Sharing capabilities like sending media through Wifi-Direct or just plain Bluetooth, new design constituent the filler components in the feature list. Frankly, there is no much difference with the other phones already in the market. The point or the fact is that, the new iPhone 5 is still a step behind the competition and maybe even the Windows Phone.

The other major addition is the 1 GB RAM: Maybe now, Web pages will stop refreshing when you have more than a few tabs open. So Apple can’t innovate to include another GB of RAM to at least lay a neck to neck comparison with S3?

To draw a conclusion, How about sticking/persisting to an iPhone 4/4S and picking up the Next Gen iPod Touch to take advantage of all the iOS 6 features? The new iPod Nano looks fabulous too!

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