In the wake of the launch of the next generation iPhone, there have been en-sphering stories from both set of people. The Apple fans went gaga over it admittedly displaying their loyalty to the brand and wanting to buy this newly launched phone; while others who prefer others who prefer other OS’s, think value for money, Apple haters went as usual criticizing Apple’s new device.

photo showing the box itself

photo showing the box itself

After the Apple’s mega event revealing the new iPhone, we have seen unboxing photos materializing and now as clock punches down there are unboxing videos on the same springing up. The first of the lot that come into existence are from a UK gadget site T3, who demonstrated videos being ostentatiously and magnifying on the features of the iPhone5. They were given a official review unit from Apple and hence the breakthrough in reviews as exemplified by them.

Troika of accessories: Ear Pods, power adapter, Lightning USB

Ear Pods, power adapter, Lightning USB highlighted about the removal of the video after being deployed on the official YouTube account of Vodafone Germany. But upon rumors from other sources that have surfaced up, these set of videos have been apparent again on the official Vodafone account. Making the scene is the third unboxing video which is signaled from a Youtube user depicting his experiences after he received his pre-ordered iPhone5 through Apple and the delivery was completed by UPS. This video later was occupied as private!

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