As the rumors run breakneck and the moment’s impending arrival gets closer, here we are innumerably presented with more substantial material to form representations, statuette’s from the plethora of suppositions that have been doing the rounds with the divulging scenarios as  we approach to the official launch of the next gen iPhone.

iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4S

Latest to reference our shores is a video posted by GSM Israel based on a consumer electronics show IFA 2012 in Berlin. Herewith in the video demonstrated is a figurine of the iPhone 5 that was developed to be fruitful enough to test the early case designs for the yet to be arriving next gen iPhone. With evidences from the The Verge on the dummy produced, presented tagged along are high quality photos and videos in counter distinction with iPhone 4S.

Judging by the video, it looks the same phone to iPhone 4S except for the distinguishing factor that the shown replica being longer. The design looks like another round of broken front glass again. The glass left exposed that way is prone to broken displays. While we ponder regarding with respect to the design and the external factors, it is a matter of fact that the fundamental elements of the phone are a bugger upgrade with the specifications of the higher order being inculcated into the device. An all new A6 chip with dramatic enhancements, 1GB of faster ram, battery larger in size, 4G LTE, a faster dock connector, and possibly a better FaceTime camera and NFC. The current depicted video highlights the non-functional layout or the tracing though. Considering the authenticity from the various leaks, the case manufacturers have already began production of iPhone cases being “very confident” about the new design.

The assenting of the leaks, rumors about various features and representations have been a plenty already, and it remains to be seen whether the iPhone 5 builds up excitement and matches up to our expectation levels.

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