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June is almost over and Apple fans must be very excited about the next iPhone. It will be launched in the coming months and we have brought some details of the next gen iPhone. For starters, it will be called iPhone 6s.

Despite iPhone 7 being a more searched term on the internet than iPhone 6s, Apple is set to continue with its tradition which started with iPhone 3GS.

The design of iPhone 6s is expected to be same since Apple have added very minor tweaks over the years and the consumers are also very much happy with the look and feel. The screen size of the phones is also expected to be same with Apple set to launch two screen sizes even this year.

Now lets come to what is new in the iPhone 6s. First and foremost, a new OS РiOS 9. Apple launches a new version of iOS every year and this year its the same. iOS 9 will bring about a lot of new features Рa smarter Siri, News app, new font, better Maps with transits, Multitasking with Split View, Slide Over and Picture-in-Picture, Quicktype and much more.

Apple is also adding the Force Touch feature into iPhone 6s which has been adopted from MacBook. Force Touch is a pressure-sensitive technology which lets you perform different actions depending on how hard you press the screen or trackpad.

Now the most awaited news for Apple fans – the release date. Apple will unveil iPhone 6s on September 8 and it is set to be available in stores after 10-15 days.

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