After the advancements ascended through after the launching of both phones, iPhone 5 & Samsung Galaxy S3 respectively were surfaced up in a tug of war with respect to consideration that which was the dominant force upon its arrival.  As expected the Apple haters escalated their voice over the next generation phone not efficient to be compared to the other competitive forces in the market whereas the other loyal Apple fans justified their long terming serving with Apple’s products by placing orders for the new arrival.

There was also a glimpse of a pun intended by Samsung in reference with their Galaxy S3 advertisement that was gazed by eyeballs with its circulation around the circuit. At this particular moment, there are certain questions that stay unanswered during this course of time. After the initial pre-orders, units shipment done there have been comparisons & questions on the behalf on the data comparison that suffice from the current scenario.

The firm juxtaposed Apple’s iPhone 5 & Samsung Galaxy S3 & found out the web traffic that was plying on the respective handsets. The result that was found that the next gen phone was observed to have more traffic than Galaxy S3 in the previous weeks as a match for the Galaxy S3 that was released months ago.

These reports are influenced from 451 Research/ChangeWave Research. The meritorious findings include the probability of individuals who may produce their interest towards iPhone’s purchasing. This is found to be around 10% aggrandized than the last time’s iPhon 4S equivalents. The statement of results upon examination included that the problems experienced with Apple’s mapping software were really miniature of the complete lot giving a detailing on the ratio as 9 in 10 users.

Reports via firm Chitika

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