After the launch of their magnificent product iPhone 5, Apple’s latest technology innovation in a daily product is the ultimately feasts one’s eyes. Literally, can be used after the feast! It’s none other than the iPot – latest imagination and originality that is brought out to the public’s view with the hard efforts taken behind for research and development.

The commodity with the overdue arrival will make its presence felt with the mandatory emergence with reference to bowel movements. Launching such a product will serve the company in good stead with the users wanting to purchase this product with its immense use in day-to-day life scenario. 

This postponed announcement is yet to come officially live from Apple’s event, but with the rush-bush for the sales of the iPhone 5, Apple doesn’t want their taller next generation iPhone to lie secondary to this marvel! With reports around the rumor mills, the pre-orders are expected to go live and the announcement is just around the corner.

iPot: Think Different

To serve as a tribute to Apple as Apple fans and withstand with respect to the loyalty provided to the technological giant, we have already been reported for pre-orders with custom made sizes for this falsehood introspection. This hoax has reached a crescendo due to its unique and exclusive range of fittings under this new products categorization.

Apple iPot branded merchandise

Ogling at this new innovation has certainly rushed customers to invest money in the company’s amazing range of products, leading to Apple’s stock prices to reach a new all-time high. As we have heard snippets on the Apple iPhone 5 reaching levels of a new set record for AT&T, this merchandise is surely going to beat all the iPhone 5 shipping records. The reason behind this creation is sup-positioned to be Apple wanting to promote ideas self patented by them rather than working their presence on other’s rest places. Hence, the gem of the idea to bring up this creation!

Apple iPot: Thinking Different

Various Advantages of this yet to be released marvel – iPot

  • If we have space constraint with respect to our surroundings, this can be used as a rest place plus a resting chair. Absolutely, technology is advancing without fail, but cloud storage can’t serve our purpose at this moment of time!
  • It can also be made usable over dilatory times as well as during emergencies.
  • Has separate additional ports along the periphery for charging points given for iPhone/iPod/iPad charging.
  • As a marketing gimmick, additionally present are special iPhone 5 headphones to carry out recreation in serenity.
  • Also available in various sizes as according to the lengths of the various iPhone models present.
  • Carries the latest released and separate LIGHTNING dock connectors to flush out the matter from the system.
  • A great device for introverts to think and spend their time thinking on the world’s problems.
  • Now gadgets can be allowed during plane flights, because previously it can mess with the plane circuits and that can make the plane stall and all. This is completely devoid of such hap-hazardous problems!
  • It’s suitability, comfort, adaptability, flexibility are all re-structured from the focal point of view of the user. Sadly, the “Slide to Unlock” feature is seen amiss from this great masterpiece.

With a plethora of features and the various aspects behind this engineering marvel, it remains to be seen what price tag it will come along with & the actual announcement date of its launch is yet to be put out in public eyes. For a short term period, people can have a demo visiting the Apple stores in physical person. Sadly, no online connectivity and clearing available!

Courtesy : Fakeship Media

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