It has become a common norm that whenever an action or a superhero movie is released, we see it’s corresponding game launch for the smartphones and tablets. This was evident with Temple Run: Brave and Temple Run: Oz games. The movie Iron Man 3 is set to release in the near future. Hence, Gameloft has gone ahead with the launch of Iron Man 3 game for Android and iOS platforms.

Iron Man 3 Game

Iron Man 3 Gameplay will take the format of endless runner, just like it is seen in the Temple Run series. But instead of running on the ground, the player has to continuously fly in Iron Man style. While flying, the player has to avoid the obstacles, defeat the enemies and collect various items on the way. Besides this, the player has to control the Stark Industries and unlock a number of different armours. There are upto 18 different armours which are available in the form of upgrades. These armours are taken straight from the Iron Man comic books and it includes the Iron Patriot, War Machine and the classic Mark II.

Iron Man 3 Game for Android & iOS

Iron Man 3 is set to release on 25th April on smartphones and tablets. As it is seen with many apps and games, it might first release for the iOS platform and then on Android.

Iron Man 3 developers Gameloft have provided a small trailer of this game. Have a look at it!

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