During the time that Android surfaces up as the progressing characteristic for Operating Systems in handheld devices, the amount of newer, better, faster devices that are developed aggrandize with every passing revelation. It’s the usual case with many mobile phone users that previously the users are acquainted with Java apps on their respective handsets & switching over to Android from the traditional Java applications results in the user missing that specific app or other amazing games. Of course, Android platform covers a wide range of aspects covering different categories & enabling heterogeneity in the course of time. Thus, it is a thought-provoking aspect as to whether these Java applications can be converted into Android formats for the smooth functioning on the Android device.convert-from-jar-to-apk

Thus, this aspect can be made serviceable on your particular device in a simple fashion. The exhibition of this facility can help the specific Nokia apps to also run on your device. This accomplishment can be achieved by following the steps in the process mentioned below:


  1. At the beginning, you will need to download the specific .JAR application to your computer.
  2. In the process of achieving your goal, visit here to carry out the conversion task. Here, plenty of upload forms will be seen.
  3. Henceforward utilize the Upload Jar & browse your specific .JAR File from present on the computer. This is performed in the option two Form.
  4. After this, you should click on the Get Apk button which is present below the forms. At this point of time, your app will be processed & it is made available for the user with the .APK format.
  5. Eventually after the task has been completed, download this file & transfer it to your Android device. Hereupon, thus it is possible to use the particular app.

Hence, it is a fantastic aspect for the ordinary users to install modified and customized apps on their device. Also, the conversion is made functional in an easier fashion.

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