Sony has made a name for rolling out regular updates for the entire line up of devices, unlike its competitors like Samsung which hasn’t released ICS for any phones except a select few like Galaxy S2, S3, Note, etc. Jellybean though not a complete overhaul of ICS is more of an performance upgrade than a full fledged OS. However the performance of JB is much better as compared to ICS due to some architectural changes in the OS.

Jelly Bean for Xperia 2011

It comes as a good news to all Sony Xperia 2011 device users as seen on the official Sony Blog.  The announcement is quite ambiguous and no concrete signs are yet shown by Sony which makes this news a little murky.  However its a good sign that they have shown some signs of releasing JB updates for the Xperia 2011 lineup.

Xperia 2011 users can take a sigh of relief for Sony showing willingness to launch Jelly Bean for the old lineup, while Xperia 2012 users be happy as Jelly Bean launch for this line up is confirmed.

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