Multitasking is a propitious concept. Every individual enjoys facilitating this aspect on the Smartphone. Switching through apps and potentially bringing the multitasking methods to iOS is an advantageous approach. Usually it is a tedious process switching between apps and navigating to a specific target while being residential on another application. However, with the feasibility manifested in an app switcher called jLauncher, this set of attributes aim for achieving the perfect task management on the iOS.

This helpful tweak is responsible for creating an Activator-based task manager without disturbing the existing App Switcher tray and is beneficial in several aspects with the multitudinous features it dishes out for the jailbroken users.

At first, when you launch this particular tweak there will be a recent apps bar displayable on the right hand side of the display and the facilitation of each app is seen placed one under the other. During the time that you swipe down on this bar, there is noticeable a list of other applications which have been recently closed. The maximum number of recent apps is estimated to be 5. If in any case, you want to remove a particular application from the bar; you will just need to tap on t continuously for a second or more and this specific app gets vanished from the respective screen.jLauncher-Cydia

Along-with the intended functionality of app switching provided by jLauncher, it also bestows the user by providing the necessary elements of the lockscreen and SBSettings. At the beginning and displayable on the front page is the time and the date. Also seen viewable are the media buttons, including play, next & previous song buttons, volume and brightness optimization options. The peculiarity of the tweak involves a photo cover of the song provided or the video made available if you are listening to that particular song. This is noticeable once you interact with the tweak. When you swipe onto the right, two significant toggles are presented to the user for enabling or disabling the orientation lock. Additionally, the individual can turn on & off the LED flashlight. This specific functionality is available for the iPhone 4/4S/5, iPod touch 5G.jLauncher-Welcome

For the activation of jLauncher, you need to have Activator (free) pre-installed on your device before setting in order to install the jLauncher. Also, this is facilitated so as to select the specific ways the user will want the appearance on screen. It can be understood on how the individual wants it to be popped-up in the screen or in other various ways. Another excellent trait involves from the fact that this particularized tweak also allows the user to employ other third party app switchers along-with this resultant functionality.jLauncher-iOS

This specific tweak in available in the Cydia Store present in the Big Boss repo for $1,99. jLauncher can be made resident on both the iPhone and the iPad and it is also compatible with iOS 5.x and iOS 6.x.

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