According to newly released information, it has been reported that Jolla will be the first Linux-based Sailfish OS Smartphone. The itemized release is expected to be made official by the end of 2013. Presently some of the official specs of this handset have been presented out for people’s notice.

Turning our attention to the specifications, the released information highlights that the Linux based Sailfish Smartphone will be feature a 4.5-inch screen with display of a 960 x 540 resolution. It will be powered by a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.4GHz processor and will constitute 1GB RAM, and 16GB storage with mircoSD expansion slot. The device will come along with an 8MP auto-focus camera with LED flash on the rear and a 2MP front camera. Jolla

The Sailfish OS was formed after the concept of MeeGo OS got developed into Sailfish OS. Previously Nokia had managed to create the same, however this got left behind as Nokia arrived with the Windows Phones. The development of Sailfish OS is an amazing establishment because such advancement can prove to be an advantageous as it grows and bends or alters its progress according to different users’ needs. The excellent part about this evolvement is that it will be compatible with current Android apps.

Judging the specs, they resemble a decent handset with less RAM which will prove a downside. And that is why it can termed expensive for the specs it dishes out. It is targetted to be shipped at the end of 2013 and it will arrive for a price of €400 (£337).

It remains to be seen as to how much battery will this OS consume, which can prove to be dealbreaker if at all it is priced reasonably as the specs it offers and based on the rival competitors available in the market.

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