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One of the modern day problem that any smartphone user faces of that the screen keeps turning off when you are reading an article on your browser or reading from an PDF. It’s annoying to turn on the Screen again and continue your work. Many a times we extend the screen off timer through system settings and then forget about it. Result being heavy battery drain as the screen remains on for longer durations It’s a fact of common knowledge that Screen Brightness is the most power intensive activity in Android. All battery stats will display the screen as the biggest Battery consumer.

Keep screen on is an innovative app that uses the phone’s inbuilt gyro sensor to detect the angle of tilt of the device. The app doesn’t let your screen turn dim as long as you are using the phone. When you keep the device on a desk or table it will revert back the screen off timer to the one you have set in the system settings > display options of the device. To make the app efficient set the screen off timer to 15 seconds, so that when you are not using the device the screen will become dim and hence save battery.

Keep screen on

There are two versions of the app available on Google Play lite (which is free) and Pro (which is paid). The app is quite efficient at what it promises to do and will never let another frustrating moment where the screen keeps turning off while you are using the phone!

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