In the old days, choosing a password was a simple activity that required no thinking as choosing a strong password without hassles was an easy proportionality. The goal then was to create a password capable enough of acting as a strong barrier which cannot be guessed immediately. In various instances, there were certain users who also kept password as “password”. Nowadays, as the developments trickle in and various automated systems ascend with the upcoming technologies, it is expected denial from the system when such a password is dished out by the user.Keeper ® Password & Data Vault

Taking the modern day under consideration, there are specified norms and conditions set before one can choose a particular password. These days the complexity of the whole situation has been advancing with respect to the various sets of circumstances that surround the whole scenario. At this moment, when almost every individual uses the Internet it is a general notion that the specific user will have multiple accounts in regard for the specific functionality. As obvious, for a specific user it is a laborious task to remember all of these usernames itself let alone brood over the confusing passwords that one has to create.

With the advent of Smartphones providing us the ease of use with various things in life, an application that serves as a potential diary for storing all the passwords is an interesting aspect. However, it is also hazardous with the possibility of like putting all your eggs in one basket. Nevertheless, with proper security measures, safekeeping, protection it can act as a helpful way to have all passwords stored in a custody on the particular device.KeeperSS

The app that provides this functionality is called Keeper Password & Data Vault. This particular application serves as a secure medium to save all the passwords on the device. The safety approach designated by program is that a master password is devised on the phone. Afterwards, if an individual makes an error or inputs wrong password five times, then there is certain closure that is dependent on the setting. In cases like these, the program simply is responsible for destructing the secret data, passwords on the device. This is done in a beneficial way.KeeperSS

There is not much else to this app. While Keeper only functions within narrow tasks, it does those tasks well. Keeper can back up your passwords to a protected server, but sadly this feature and other advanced options are available only on the paid version.

With a simplified layout and benefited with the ease of use, it serves as the fantastic repository for the storage of the passwords. After a user selects a folder, one has to add a title for getting entry. This is done additionally with other data such as login ID, password, login URL, and notes. Sequentially after the password and the ID input is inputted, the particular user can choose certain aspects depending on the requirement.

Eventually, the specific code is saved to local storage. When the app page is viewed, upon the touch of the ID or password the required entity is saved onto the clipboard. This answers the purpose to solve our current state of remembering passwords. There are various features also available in the paid version but a simple functionality like this provided acts an advantageous perspective to save the passwords to a protected server.

The application is available for free and can be downloaded from the following links:

For Android: Download here

For iPhone: Download here

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