A Free Office Suite?

Yes indeed! With a user friendly dazzling UI, seriously that’s not a illusion or a dream now –  but productivity at it’s best! We come across so many applications on the Play Store but all of them are expensive. Kingsoft Office kills this peculiarity and the typical feature by Kingsoft Office Software Corporation Limited’s succor with its endowment to the Androiders.

As smartphones have become almost like a portable pocket computer nowadays, having Office Suite is a desideratum for businessmen, analysts and serves a tremendous opportunity for statistical users together with other users.

Supporting arguments that define this App’s paramountcy:
Kingsoft Office can be used to open and edit documents that have been created in Microsoft Word as surmised in the obvious nature of productivity apps. Not only .doc can be saved, even , adjusting line spacing, document header and footer support is conjointly available in addition to document comment and revision support. Besides these, even the XML based formats for Word, Excel and Powerpoint are also foot holed under this application. Microsoft PowerPoint files, including .ppt and pptx can be opened on Kingsoft Office for Android. Presentation files can be viewed as a thumbnail at the bottom of the PPT document with the option of storing them and with the essence that it proves a requisite for the idea of giving presentations from our Android smartphone.

If you thought it’s efficacy ends here, that’s not true!

Organization for Office documents is done by a built in file manager which works in sync with the mail app. More than that .pdf files can also be viewed. Incontestably it will it will work superiorly on the Tablet, but also works well on the small screen diameter of smartphones. It’s ease of use is as good as the desktop version, as it offers smooth efficient switching between multiple open documents. On top of it it provides documents to be stored locally or in the cloud  – box.net or WebDAV  supporting cloud services with fast performance.

Spreadsheets, presentations, word processing are the troika of attributes around which work revolves, and having such a comprehensive mobile app serves this functionality with regard to this purpose. These three facets are employed by Kingsoft in this app.

Download Kingsoft Office suite:

Direct link – http://www.kingsoftstore.com/kingsoft-office-android.html

Google Play link –  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cn.wps.moffice_eng

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