Just few days while back, we have seen some many speculations whispering around the circles every now and then. This moment of madness is certain to go on till the official launch of the next gen iPhone. Aforetime the photos that were leaked as per hearsay included the dock connector, headphone jack and other plethora of news, parts to sum up in conclusion.

iPhone 5 front case

The suppositions have rumbled a dummy image in the minds of the consumers, common people and it is just a matter of days before the actual product gets unveiled. Having seen individual photos of parts, information from the back-fence talk, forthwith at this moment of time Sohu via Nowhereelse.fr showcased a new range of photos depicting the positional orientation with respect to the device and in the general aspect. These dispatchments that are presented through the photos include the following:

iPhone 5 back

The SIM tray, headphone jack/ dock connector flex cable, external buttons mounted on flex cable are the components visible from the depicted photo. The speaker holes take in sights of being neater than iPhone 4’s speakers.  The battery and the logic board are apparently believed to take the internal spaces in the left and right sides respectively.It’s a showboat piece certainly but embodying the new matte black/white metal across the entire back of the phone would have been a preferred glimpse rather than the two glass pieces at the top and bottom, on the back of the phone.

iPhone assembly

iRedQ, a parts repair firm manifested a dummy model allegedly earlier in this week instilling the leaked components onto the stipulated positions. Improving the overall appearance, photos depicted an assembled front panel for iPhone5. These photos about the next generation phone were published by Sohu. Also, a picturesque comparison of iPhone 4 and 3GS is depicted to scrutinize the thickness of these devices.
Leaked image of iPhone 5
iLab Factory also were responsible for showing up photos about the next generation iPhone. Some of the photos are displayed above!

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