During the time that rumors and various other itemizations kept surfacing up over the course of time, it was only a matter of time before Apple officially released the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c models. Just this week we were treated to reports on the arrival of these innovations and at presently we can turn our attention to various issues which are displayable as the sales of these handsets accrue with time.

Based on a leaked internal document which has been released out, it has been displayable that some problems or issues that may arise will not be covered under the standard one-year warranty provided by Apple. Under this medium, it is seen that some faults or issues which will these handsets can come across are not even serviceable under this categorical medium. There are some issues that are serviced for free whereas the others might be rectified after charging a fee for the same. However the point to note is about the issues that will be charged irrespective of the warranty because they simply don’t come under the serviceable category.iPhone 5s

With extracts from the document, the following list represents the set of things that will covered under warranty:

  • Debris that is present under the display glass or pixel anomaly
  • The bent enclosure for the iPhone 5S or iPhone 5
  • A single hairline crack on the front glass or back inlay(on the bits placed on the top and bottom of the aluminium rear).iPhone-5s-white-smashed-screen

The non-serviceable issues include proof of internal corrosion, and chips or fractures in the glass, problems with LCD display fractures under the glass, or a damaged Lightning connector. Additionally liquid damage confirmed by the user wont be covered under warranty. Furthermore, abrasions, puncture holes or missing or damaged buttons, split enclosures and audio jack damage that are encountered will not be serviceable in the warranty.

Another strange development is that under warranty, an enclosure on an iPhone 5C is not eligible for service, whereas if a fault like that arises on 5s it wil be serviced. Based on the information presented out by the audio jack, it is also revealed that the audio jack hole should not be plugged with foreign material.

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