Currently Moto G is only available in GSM, however it was speculatively believed that a CDMA version will mark its presence in the first quarter of 2014. Verizon was the only carrier that was going to officially announce this device, but based on several new leaked itemizations it is reckoned that Verizon won’t be the only carrier to release the CDMA-flavored Motorola Moto G. Although, at present no other carriers have broadcasted the arrival of this handset; but it is construed that the Moto G will also be officially made available for Sprint MVNO Boost Mobile. Twitter handle @evleaks has showcased an image that highlights the arrival of this device.Moto G
The revelation doesn’t sport Boost branding in the featured image, but the device reveals a wallpaper of the Boost Mobile logo. This happens to be the same image which is used in previous Boost device announcements.

So far no official announcements have been made pertaining to this model, yet it is understood that the Moto G will mark its presence to Boost somewhere down the line. Verizon has presented out information which cites that the device will be rolled out on prepaid service. As of now, there is no concrete itemization to prove the fact that the Boost mobile will arrive on the Moto G, but its believed that it will be made available sooner than later.

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