Although we saw leaks and itemizations that highlighted the arrival of the Sony Xperia Z1s, but presently we are viewable to few more lowdowns that showcase the arrival of another phone that is in the works. As seen in the leaked image, this revelation is believed to possess the metal band in its design part with the speculatively believed component visible in the pictorial depiction.

At present there is no information available on whether this component will be actually included in the device or not, but based on these suppositions it can be reckoned that Sony might be building up this device to produce a flagship phone for 2014.

It would no surprise if Sony unveils another revelation at the CES 2014 unless Sony decides on releasing the Xperia Z1 as the phone’s

Currently nothing can be actually inference from the leaked image or the metal band component. The metal band component only gives the notion that the leaked handset will be a Sony Xperia device. No scale was provided along with the image but it is regarded that it will be a handset featuring the 5”screen range.  sony--xperia-z1-

Based on accruing speculations and reports from Android Community, it is believed that some of these components have been re-arranged specifically to highlight the facilitation of a new device, the Xperia Z2. Other than these notations, there are no eye-catching details to take note of.


All buttons are presented in the usual fashion along with some changes done in the top and bottom edges. The hole on the top edge shows the headphone jack, whereas the bottom features in 3 holes for the microphone. sony-mystery-like-xperia-z1-4

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