According to reports from, Samsung’s rumored 12.2-inch slate has been dubbed as the Galaxy Note Pro. Previously we have seen reports that have highlighted the unveilment of a huge slate which is in the works; and at present comes into sight a purported image of this extra-large slate. It is difficult to reproduce the exactness and accurateness of Google’s translated text, however it is reckoned that this 12.2-inch tablet will carry the same specs as  the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition.

The device will feature in a 2,560×1,600 LCD display and will constitute 3GB of RAM. The tablet will run on the Android’s latest version, Android 4.4 KitKat and will pack in a larger battery of (9,500 mAh).note-pro-back
It is understood that this speculated device will be announced at either CES or MWC next year, hence users can look forward to this tablet being one of the newest deices to be released next year. Although it is a point of contention as to whether a 12.2-inch tablet will appeal the users or not, it should be noted that Samsung is trying hard to expand its boundaries by listing this tablet more than just entertainment devices. Dubbed with the Pro Tag, Samsung is striving hard to change the viewpoint of the consumers by devising out a huge tablet with the help of a S Pen alongwith this gigantic screen.

Other rumors cite the arrival of another 13.3-inch tablet which is in the works and it remains to be seen whether Samsung can attract a fair share of consumers by launching huge screen tablets. Time will tell whether such tablets will simply flood the market or whether some of these will try and be suited to a niche market!

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