Just previously we saw a plethora of rumors and leaks about the Xperia Z1 Mini which surfaced up with consistent regularity; and presently we are viewable to itemizations that comprise information about the Xperia Z1f.

With the current trend of releasing shrunken versions of flagship models in a mini version, the new revelation comprises of the same hardware which is quite contradictory development if we consider the presently revealed mini versions of flagship models.Xperia-z1s

The device is powered by a Snapdragon 800 and features a 4.3-inch display. It possesses a 20.1MP camera and it is speculatively believed that Sony will release this handset tomorrow. Presently we can view the newly broadcasted teaser as Sony tries to attract consumers with the launch of this device. Based on reports it is regarded that the international version of the Z1f would arrive as the Z1s.Sony-Xperia-Z1s-

The screenshot above displays the Z1s alongside the Z1 and several other models. Using an image to characterize the Z1 to Z1S, it can be construed that the model might not be ready enough to hog the limelight, but can be presumed to be a leaked version of the actual model ahead of the rumoured launch event. Incase Sony wins over the crowd with the promotional aspects through this handset, it will be interesting to know what type response is generated with the official announcement of this handset.

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