LG has announced that the G3 is set to get the Lollipop Android update in this week. It is a rather surprising development since even the Nexus devices are yet to get the official update.

An Android update of the G3 has been already leaked and LG took no time after that to announce the news that will please all the G3 owners. It had been expected that G3 will get the official update at least a month after the Nexus devices get update but it might get even before the Nexus series.

The Korean giant is the first major smartphone manufacturer to deliver the latest Android build to its halo smartphone. LG will subsequently announce Android 5.0 upgrade schedule for the rest of its lineup of mobile devices.

LG will bring all the features of the Lollipop to the G3 – new UI design language, new security features, as well as a brand new Android ART runtime.

LG G3 is one of the best devices in the market right now and after hearing this news, the G3 might still get the boost in the sales.

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