Talk about taking your creative sparks onto the next level!  New set of broadcastments in Sweden highlight certain banner ads which have been designed specifically for mocking iPhone, Samsung and HTC handset owners. The adverts produce amusing elements by making fun of these brands over the duration of an advertisement.

Such development is a complete different trend from the ones followed by other manufacturing giants, Samsung, Nokia and Microsoft. Previously we have seen these giants making mockery of others by releasing adverts which directly try on defaming rivals. LG has completely ignored this trend and taken an alternative route wherein LG manages to convince users through their ads on switching to a better handset, the G2.LG G2

On the iPhones, these ads are displayed in small text named “Hard to read this on your iPhone?”. This is a direct mocking of the smaller screens that are available on iPhones in comparison to G2’s 5.2-inch display.lg-g2-iphone-ad-

For the Galaxy devices, LG displays a malign remark that highlights the fast paced nature of Samsung handsets in a sarcastic manner. The text displays “Waiting for your Galaxy to catch up?” whilst another ad shows text as the LG G2 bestowing a “20% faster processor.”lg-g2-samsung-galaxy-ad

Last but not the least, LG showcases the aspect of possessing better battery life for the LG G2 when drawn in comparison to the HTC devices. It vividly displays ads as “Tired of charging your HTC One?”. Also another section highlights the G2 to have 30% longer battery life.lg-g2-htc-ad-

Rather than following up and spoiling other manufacturer giants’ name through adverts, LG has devised a constructive process which showcases some creative instincts as well certain marketing gimmicks which can go a long way in accumulating a fair share of the market. Posting bold ads like these can attract the consumers to have that eye for detail with respect to these products and may contribute partially towards driving customers to purchase the LG G2.

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