LG G4 will be launched on 28th April. But before its launch, it does not look like any of its features will be a surprise to anyone. A leak has revealed a pic of LG G4 with a stitched leather back. LG will offer this in five different colours.

A microsite showed this image of LG G4 before removing it quickly but not quick enough. It was shared on Google+ via a lot of posts.

The back of the G4 shows the stitched leather which will replace the faux-metal design of the year-old G3. Along with the 5 leather colours, LG will also sell this device in metallic grey, ceramic white, and gold colours.

Some leaked specs of the G4 have revealed a 5.5in screen with resolution of 2560 x 1440, Snapdragon 810 processor and Android Lollipop. It has an improved camera with SLR-style control of every photo you take, shutter speed, brightness, ISO, white balance, exposure and shooting in RAW.

All the other details of the G4 will be out at the launch event on April 28.

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