LG G5 – LG’s flagship phone of 2016 was launched at the MWC in February. It has been few weeks since its launch. We have the download link of LG G5’s ringtones, wallpapers, launcher and apps which are native to the G5.

XDA Developer xpirt has released the system dump of the LG G5 which will give you access to the above mentioned goodies. Note that it is not in the form of flashable zip file.

System dump of LG G5 contains both live as well as static wallpapers. It is the part of the new LG UX 5.0 which is first seen in LG G5.

We also have the link of the stock apps of LG G5. It contains – Alarm clock, Calculator, Calendar, Contacts, Dialer, Email, File Manager, Gallery, Music, Music Widget, QRemote, Video and Voice Recorder. Also, we have link of LG G5 ringtones too.

Download Links:
LG G5 live wallpaper
and static wallpaper
LG G5 stock apps
LG G5 launcher
LG G5 ringtones

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