LG has announced its latest revelation, the Pocket Photo which is a “smart” mobile printer that assists the progress in printing photos instantly directly from your handheld device. The device will be showcased off on 7 January at the CES 2014. And the newfangled itemization will be available in the colors of pink, jewel white and lime yellow. The disclosure will be available globally in 2014 after it has been launched in South Korea.Pocket Photo 2

The revealed device is expected to pack in an improved battery life which will help in printing 30 photos after one charge. Also the smart mobile printer is understood to be thinner than the old model. The printer will assist the progress in printing photos at 600 DPI and will be compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows 8 platforms. This device can be paired using Bluetooth or by NFC. Additionally Android users are benefited with the ability to edit these photos directly using a Pocket Photo app.mobile printer

This disclosure doesn’t print the required material using ink cartridges or toner; its working is facilitated by the utilization of its Zink printing technology. This technology uses heat for activating the particularized color-forming chemistry which is to be rolled along and imparted onto every sheet of paper. Based on information released by LG, it is construed that ZINK’s inkless paper system helps in preserving images for longer time than the prints which are obtained using the conventional printing processes.

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