As we advance forward to an age where rival competitors and new entrants present their arrival in the smartphone market, we are showcased with newer innovations as we stand the test of time. LG’s stellar growth in the face of some stringent competition can be attributed to the release of two prime handsets. The LG G2 with top notch specs and featuring uniquely placement of buttons primarily plays an important role in this ascension ranking. And the Nexus 5 needs no introduction, wherein this affordable flagship is gaining popularity and has been selling out like hot pancakes.LG devices

According to a report released by LG, it is illustrative on the facets on how, when and where Americans use their smartphones. The introduction of an infographic alongwith this data, generated facts we are viewable to results of this survey. Based on the report, it is construed that there are several thought provoking results that have surfaced up. The data represents that 48% of Americans said that they face no hindrance or would not have any issue using their smartphone in a place of worship.

Certain astonishingly crazy results reveal that 77% of individuals won’t mind on using their smartphone while in bed with another person. Another surprise that surfaces up is that 3 out of 4 individuals would use their smartphone in bed, while only 28% would use their device during the time that they were out on a date.Infographic

Other highlights of the report were that 75% of Americans will also use their smartphone while on the commode. Whereas the survey revealed that 58% of smartphone users keep spending time on their devices when they are out with family and 62% of individuals use their device whilst they hangout with friends.

The survey results were populated after it saw 1,152 Americans aged 18 or older taking part in the same. Out of the lot, 20% revealed that they simply dint care on hiding anything even if they were using the handset for no matter what the situation stays then. Other points of noticeable moments were that 48% of individuals used the camera to capture “shocking pictures” while 36% of individuals admit to taking “selfies”.

Considering that a smartphone has become a part and parcel of our lives by now, its usage levels depends from one individual to the other. It’s just a dependency factor at present with all the information, data, social media, and other resources and functionalities available at the tip of our hand. Hence using a smartphone all the time and at all places can be considered as a normalcy factor; however there would be instances where it would be inappropriate to use our devices. But in such cases as well, do you go ahead and use your phone?

What is your take on this infographic?

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