It has come into sight that the popular “Knock” feature, dubbed as the KnockON will be officially available on all key mobile devices that are released at a later point of time. LG has reportedly disclosed that it has plans to upgrade this functionality by bestowing it past the LG G2 and for the L Series II smartphones.

The Knock functionality was initially introduced on the LG G2, which assisted individuals to turn ON/OFF their smartphone by tapping or knocking twice on display. This useful facilitation proved to be a beneficiary because of the fact that users could easily perform their intended actions, without worrying about using the power button on the back. It is regarded that this functionality will arrive on the L Series II smartphones after LG rolls out a global maintenance update in January 2014.LG_Optimus_L_Series_II

Considering that customer response for this handy feature has been propelling, LG has outlined plans to extend this functionality to as many users as possible. The popularity has enlarged after employing this on devices like the LG G2, G Flex curved smartphone, and LG G Pad 8.3 tablet. Reports indicate that the newly released L Series II smartphones will arrive with the Knock functionality being pre-installed.

Bestowing this premium feature to its lower range of phones, LG is trying to attract customers by vowing them with unique features and this type distinct functionality. Facilitating different ways to alter the simple concept of power button can be given due consideration as notable efforts for bringing out developments.

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