LG has started sending out the official invites of the launch event of 2015 flagship device – LG G4. The invite says “SEE THE GREAT”, “FEEL THEĀ GREAT” with special attention given to the “G” alphabet in the invite. The invite gives away the launch date of the G4 – 28th April for New York, London and Paris and 29th April for Seoul, Singapore and Istanbul.

Before the launch of the G4, many rumours have been leaked online. Previously we saw a leaked image of the LG G4 showing a place for the Stylus near the top of the device. The button placing at the back of the phone has remained the same.

Other rumours suggest that LG will stick with the plastic body for the G4 while the metal chassis will be introduced for the G4 Note.

LG has decided a very safe date for the G4; almost in between the launch dates of Samsung, HTC and Apple flagship devices. We will eventually come to know whether this will help their sales.

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