Recently, several rumors are doing rounds about the smartphones which will have a flexible/curved display. Some rumors state that Samsung will release a special edition Galaxy Note 3, that will have a curved display. Its rivals LG aren’t far behind and they plan to launch their own smartphone with a curved display – LG Z.

Flexible display is becoming the latest trend after the smartwatches and LG plans to launch the LG Z later this month. The LG Z is believed to be a solid structure, but curved – much like the curved OLED TV LG recently released. According to its concept, the LG Z will have an appearance like the picture shown below.

Flexible Display

The manufacturers believe that the curved nature of the phone will provide a better gaming and the movie experience to its users.

LG Z is rumored to have a 6″ full HD display and other specifications are believed to be the same as LG’s latest flagship device – LG G2.

Neither LG nor Samsung have released a prototype of their flexible display smartphones but both the companies plan to launch their device by the end of this month and their release dates wont be too far from each other.

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