LG are preparing to launch their next flagship device on October 1 and have already sent out press invites for the same. According to some sources it will be named LG V10. There are a couple of leaked images which support this claim.

The invites which have been sent out by LG are movie-themed which indicates that this phone will have special video related feature.

Other than this, @evleaks has also leaked the specs of this device. It will feature a Snapdragon 808 CPU, a 5.7-inch QHD display, 3GB RAM, 64GB storage, a 16MP rear cam, 5MP front cam, and a removable rear with microSD and the ability to switch out the battery.

Along with the specs, LG V10 will also have unique features including a secondary ‘ticker’ display for texts and other information.

The specs are very similar to LG G4 and LG V10 seems like a minor upgrade of G4 plus some extra features.

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