What is Ubuntu Touch?

Ubuntu is well known as a Linux Based operating system that is free to distribute. It has gained a good reputation as a reliable Linux Operating System. Recently Ubuntu has launched it’s Touch based OS targeted to run on smartphones. ¬†Ubuntu Touch is currently launched as a Developer Preview. Which means that though it functions properly, you may find many features missing which you would want in your smartphone.

Android is also a Linux based OS it’s architecture isn’t much different from Ubuntu. Ubuntu Touch uses some low- lever Android Services so enable easy testing of Ubuntu Touch on Android Devices. The Ubuntu Touch OS has used CyanogenMod 10.1 image to build the ROM. It is a Proper Linux Operating System that will give you and true Linux Experience.

Ubuntu touch

When you Install the OS you will find the following features working properly:

  1. UI and core applications.
  2. Network connectivity (Nexus 4 and Google Nexus)
  3. Phone calls and Messaging feature (Nexus 4 and Google Nexus)
  4. Wi-Fi connectivity
  5. Functional Camera
  6. Android Debugging Bridge (adb)

Note: When your install Ubuntu Touch all your data will be lost and even restoring Android won’t restore your data.

If you wish to install Ubuntu Touch you can follow the instruction from their official site here. It requires you to have Linux installed on your PC. Ubuntu touch is yet in dev preview version so it cannot be used as a daily OS. But if you are a tech geek you sure must give it a try and share your experience with us.

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