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Data privacy is an issue of concern in Smartphones. There are methods to secure this data. I had earlier described methods to secure your data which is explained in this article. But these methods lock your entire device, and it can get irritating sometimes to unlock your device time and again. However, there are ways to individually lock apps on your android. Here is described a simple app called Smart app Protector that helps you to lock individual apps. But you need to do a little configuration before you can start using this app.


  1. Install the app from Google Play or scan this QR code to directly download the app to your device:QRCode
  2. Run the app. At first launch your password will be set to “7777” by default.Smart app protector
  3. Enter this password to access the settings.
  4. Now you’ll receive an alert to install “Smart app protector helper”, select yes.Smart app protector helper
  5. Install the app and you’ll be returned to the main screen of the app.
  6. Scroll down to see the option “lock type”, select it and you’ll see a list of options like pattern, password, and gesture.Lock Type
  7. Select one of them. Recommended: pattern and gesture.
  8. As soon as you select one option you’ll be asked to register a new pattern or gesture. Do the necessary.
  9. Now scroll down further to see an option called Lock Initialization and enter you email id so that you can unlock the apps in case you forget the pattern / gesture.Lock Initialization
  10. Then select the “Adding to Device Admin” option to make the app impossible to install unless you enter the pattern.
  11. Select the Full Screen Mode.
  12. And lastly, Select the option “Lock screen setting” Lock Screen Setting where a dummy lock screen will be shown. Deselect Password button so that no one can disable the lock using the Default 7777 password.
  13. Now go to the running tab and press the add button to add apps to the protection.
  14. Finally Select “Enable Service”
  15. Now whenever you launch these particular apps you’ll be asked for the pattern or gesture that you have set.


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