Traditionally employing a series of customizations is a usual aspect. Using several jailbroken tweaks, tips and tricks is a commonplace when it comes to jailbroken devices and Cydia hacks are the frequently used entities. Along these lines, we can turn our attention to a new tweak called LockFlavors which assists the progress in customizing the lock screen on your jailbroken handset.

LockFlavors, the Cydia hack arrives as an excellent tweak for facilitating the customization aspect on your device. Users can utilize this tweak for applying themes as well as changing the colors with respect to the lock screen. A user is also entitled to change the text that is present in the unlock slider and as well as can alter the font size of date and time. Additionally there is a facility available for creating one’s own theme by playing around with colors.lockflavors-Cydia

A new menu appears after the user downloads and installs the particular tweak. Next, a theme gets automatically applied onto the lock screen. A standalone icon can be seen on the Home screen which can be used for choosing themes or creating one. There are different patterns available to choose from.LockFlavorsiOSFonts

Usually the themes that are available are simple textures, however individuals can also make use of the intricate patterns which available in the collection. These themes work on date area, status bar and unlock slider behind. The user also has the option to assign a custom text on the unlock slider using the Settings menu wherein the user will change the text that is displayable in front of the “slider label” entry.

There are three viewable in the form of top, bottom and text. Based on any individual’s preferences, respective colors can be set using RGB sliders. The displayable preview helps in showing the particular shot; hence the user has an idea as to how they are performing operations with the theme. The manifestation of “Auto-Match” option helps for matching the top to bottom. The fonts can also be previewed. After you have performed the tasks, you simply have to tap on “Save”.

LockFlavors is priced at $1.99 and can be downloaded from Cydia’s BigBoss.

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